Last Day

June 30, 2009

Today was a long, some what boring day. We woke up in our fancy Canadian hotel around 8 so we could eat and get on the ferry to take us back to the greatest country in the world. Well, the place we were expecting to eat b-fest (is that okay?) was not yet open. So we go directly to the ferry and we go through customs in Canada. Customs only takes about 60 seconds (which translates to about 47 canadian seconds) but the process is painstakingly long still. After Canadian customs we sat and waited for some 15 minutes to get on a boat to go through customs again. Once that was over we drove to the top of a mountain called hurricane ridge. We ate and took a hike and came very close to deer and baby deer. We then spent avery long time driving to a waterfall. We found it. It was nice. I’m not quite sure after that because I slept. When I woke up we were boarding another ferry. We got back to Seattle area and went to dinner with Roy and girlfriend denise at a place called arnies (no relation). Now I’m in a terrible motel by the airport for easy access. At least I’m in a bed. Last night I slept on a make shift bed of pillows, I ended up on the floor pretty quickly. The night before that I was on a small couch. At least I’m in a bed tonight.


June 29, 2009

Today I’m in British Columbia, Canada. We rode a ferry over here and mostly just walked all day. We did go to a castle. I really like castles. This one was built in the early 1900s, but it was built to look like it was from midevil times. After the castle we found a resturaunt called Pluto’s. It was a refurbished gas station. I got a philly cheese steak sandwich, it was delicious. I went to the bathroom and became incredibly distracted because posters for concerts and festivals and I looked at all of them with my pants down. After lunch we walked around some more and ate dinner at a pretty nice Italian place. I expected to hear Italian music. Instead I heard peter bjorn and john, the smiths and Beirut. After dinner we walked to an icecream place that had really cool red and yellow space age furniture. Oh, I just remembered this: I was walking through this park and heard some drums. We found an ampitheatre with a band setting up for a show. “cool. I hope this band is good!” I thought they would be. “the singer is wearing a cardigan and the keyboardist is pretty hot. I’ll bet they’re really good!” as soon as I sat down the singer began warming up his voice (and acoustic guitar) by singing on his purposely scratchy voice “Jesus saves! Jesus saves!” I was cought in a very awkward posistion. I had already sat down and told my family I wanted to watch this. But I didn’t want to see anymore of it. Luckily I simply stood up and walked away and my family followed. I really like Canada. Everyone is so polite and there is some law requiring cars to stop for pedestrians.

I didn’t update yesterday because I was in nature the entire time and slept in a really crappy motel. Anyway, yesterday my family and I went to some very windy spit of land, I believe it was called dungeoness peak or something like that. It was so windy I decided to build a hit out of wood and stones to block the wind. It worked very well. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has nothing on us!

Also, I bought Canada socks.


June 27, 2009

right now I’m in a tavern with a very sore face. I defy you sunscreen!

I spent the day yachting with friends and friends of friends. It was leisurely, but still a good time. We woke
Up around 8 and began yachting around ten. I could be lying, you’d never know and I’m not sure on the times. I spent all day sitting in the sun on top of a yacht. Clothes covered my enttire body except my face and my face suffered the consequences.

At lunch we stopped on an island called Rosario. Rosario is home to an absolutely beautful 19 bedroom home from the early 1900s. I really like that era, until ya know, that stock market thing. Anyway, we ate lunch ate a place I can’t remember the name of on the island. Also, there was tetherball! After lunch we took the boat back to the dock. We saw a lot of seals and bald eagles.

The highlight of today was not the yacht, not the island, not the wildlife. We stopped at a gas station and I found…

Wait for it…

TR Orange soda!!!!!! I’ll try to a send a picture of it to facebook.

Nerdgasm or Dead Celebrities

June 26, 2009

Did I post about the science mueseum? It was kind of cool. We watched a show called combustion! Which was aimed toward toddlers, but the fire was cool. Today I logged onto facebook and read Farrah Fawcett had died and I was not surprised. Well, that’s three celebrities. I thought. Then at about two I heard about michael Jackson and was shocked.

Anyway, today in Seattle I did things. First I went to pikes place market where a guy called scotty threw fish to a guy behind the counter. It was all theatrics, but somewhat entertaining. We then walked around and saw some buskers and “Hungry Hungry Hobos” (a sign heldby some possible hobos) After lunch in the market we went to the music mueseum and learned about guitars and Hendrix. The music mueseum is connected to the scifi mueseum/hall of fame. It was quite amazing. Star trek and star wars periphinalia everywhere and a die cast set of the four main characters of futurama and a second set with three more characters. No scruffy though.

We ate dinner at the cheesecake factory. I came up with a demitri-martinesque theory about pillars and fancy places.

Tomorrow I may eat fresh crab.

Hipster Central

June 24, 2009

We arrived at 5:30 yesterday. When we got off the plane my dad’s friend Roy was waiting for us. He said he got past security because he works for the government. He really does. We then drove through Seattle and I saw more hipsters than not hipsters and it was fairly uncomfortable, but I was safe in the car from their big sunglasses and moccassin flip-flops. I am now sitting in a very nice town house owned by a woman I’ve probably met only once at the most. She somehow knows Roy. We’re sleeping here while she’s gone.

Today we are going to some science mueseum. It will probably have one of those electricity balls that sticks your hair on end and a gravity demo. Because, ya know, we need marbles and tubes to understand gravity.

In other news, last night I had a really weird dream I got high by accident in this townhouse and it freaked me out.

This is working out so well

June 21, 2009

I found a wordpress application on my iPod! Now I don’t have to go to the internet to go to wordpress. I’ll probably still need the Internet to actually post things, but not to write them.

June 21, 2009

If you’ve been following my escapades through the Internet you know this wordpress blog is the first one I’m pleased with for my current endeavor. If you’ve found me on this site, wow and thanks, you should continue reading. I’m chronicling my trip to Seattle on this blog. I leave for Chicago at ten AM tuesday morning. I’ll post whenever I get a chance. I’ll also be posting on twitter sporadically throughout my trip.

Sorry this was such a nuisance.

Hello world!

June 21, 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!