Hipster Central

We arrived at 5:30 yesterday. When we got off the plane my dad’s friend Roy was waiting for us. He said he got past security because he works for the government. He really does. We then drove through Seattle and I saw more hipsters than not hipsters and it was fairly uncomfortable, but I was safe in the car from their big sunglasses and moccassin flip-flops. I am now sitting in a very nice town house owned by a woman I’ve probably met only once at the most. She somehow knows Roy. We’re sleeping here while she’s gone.

Today we are going to some science mueseum. It will probably have one of those electricity balls that sticks your hair on end and a gravity demo. Because, ya know, we need marbles and tubes to understand gravity.

In other news, last night I had a really weird dream I got high by accident in this townhouse and it freaked me out.



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