Nerdgasm or Dead Celebrities

Did I post about the science mueseum? It was kind of cool. We watched a show called combustion! Which was aimed toward toddlers, but the fire was cool. Today I logged onto facebook and read Farrah Fawcett had died and I was not surprised. Well, that’s three celebrities. I thought. Then at about two I heard about michael Jackson and was shocked.

Anyway, today in Seattle I did things. First I went to pikes place market where a guy called scotty threw fish to a guy behind the counter. It was all theatrics, but somewhat entertaining. We then walked around and saw some buskers and “Hungry Hungry Hobos” (a sign heldby some possible hobos) After lunch in the market we went to the music mueseum and learned about guitars and Hendrix. The music mueseum is connected to the scifi mueseum/hall of fame. It was quite amazing. Star trek and star wars periphinalia everywhere and a die cast set of the four main characters of futurama and a second set with three more characters. No scruffy though.

We ate dinner at the cheesecake factory. I came up with a demitri-martinesque theory about pillars and fancy places.

Tomorrow I may eat fresh crab.


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