right now I’m in a tavern with a very sore face. I defy you sunscreen!

I spent the day yachting with friends and friends of friends. It was leisurely, but still a good time. We woke
Up around 8 and began yachting around ten. I could be lying, you’d never know and I’m not sure on the times. I spent all day sitting in the sun on top of a yacht. Clothes covered my enttire body except my face and my face suffered the consequences.

At lunch we stopped on an island called Rosario. Rosario is home to an absolutely beautful 19 bedroom home from the early 1900s. I really like that era, until ya know, that stock market thing. Anyway, we ate lunch ate a place I can’t remember the name of on the island. Also, there was tetherball! After lunch we took the boat back to the dock. We saw a lot of seals and bald eagles.

The highlight of today was not the yacht, not the island, not the wildlife. We stopped at a gas station and I found…

Wait for it…

TR Orange soda!!!!!! I’ll try to a send a picture of it to facebook.


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