Today I’m in British Columbia, Canada. We rode a ferry over here and mostly just walked all day. We did go to a castle. I really like castles. This one was built in the early 1900s, but it was built to look like it was from midevil times. After the castle we found a resturaunt called Pluto’s. It was a refurbished gas station. I got a philly cheese steak sandwich, it was delicious. I went to the bathroom and became incredibly distracted because posters for concerts and festivals and I looked at all of them with my pants down. After lunch we walked around some more and ate dinner at a pretty nice Italian place. I expected to hear Italian music. Instead I heard peter bjorn and john, the smiths and Beirut. After dinner we walked to an icecream place that had really cool red and yellow space age furniture. Oh, I just remembered this: I was walking through this park and heard some drums. We found an ampitheatre with a band setting up for a show. “cool. I hope this band is good!” I thought they would be. “the singer is wearing a cardigan and the keyboardist is pretty hot. I’ll bet they’re really good!” as soon as I sat down the singer began warming up his voice (and acoustic guitar) by singing on his purposely scratchy voice “Jesus saves! Jesus saves!” I was cought in a very awkward posistion. I had already sat down and told my family I wanted to watch this. But I didn’t want to see anymore of it. Luckily I simply stood up and walked away and my family followed. I really like Canada. Everyone is so polite and there is some law requiring cars to stop for pedestrians.

I didn’t update yesterday because I was in nature the entire time and slept in a really crappy motel. Anyway, yesterday my family and I went to some very windy spit of land, I believe it was called dungeoness peak or something like that. It was so windy I decided to build a hit out of wood and stones to block the wind. It worked very well. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition has nothing on us!

Also, I bought Canada socks.



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