Last Day

Today was a long, some what boring day. We woke up in our fancy Canadian hotel around 8 so we could eat and get on the ferry to take us back to the greatest country in the world. Well, the place we were expecting to eat b-fest (is that okay?) was not yet open. So we go directly to the ferry and we go through customs in Canada. Customs only takes about 60 seconds (which translates to about 47 canadian seconds) but the process is painstakingly long still. After Canadian customs we sat and waited for some 15 minutes to get on a boat to go through customs again. Once that was over we drove to the top of a mountain called hurricane ridge. We ate and took a hike and came very close to deer and baby deer. We then spent avery long time driving to a waterfall. We found it. It was nice. I’m not quite sure after that because I slept. When I woke up we were boarding another ferry. We got back to Seattle area and went to dinner with Roy and girlfriend denise at a place called arnies (no relation). Now I’m in a terrible motel by the airport for easy access. At least I’m in a bed. Last night I slept on a make shift bed of pillows, I ended up on the floor pretty quickly. The night before that I was on a small couch. At least I’m in a bed tonight.


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